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Lavender bath salts enriched with CBD

Lavender bath salts enriched with CBD


Lavender bath salts enriched with CBD

A powerful hydrotherapeutic experience!

  • CBD:100 mg of CBD activated
  • Salt: Pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt
  • Perfumes: pink and geranium
  • Weight: 184.27g
Vegan and animal-friendly, helps to relax tired and sore muscles.

Who doesn't like a good relaxing bath!

with epsom salts fromOM.
This pack includes lavender and epsom salt-activated hemp oil
provide a powerful hydrotherapeutic experience.

Please rinse the bag with bath water to obtain any oil infused into the bath. Soak too
long as you like and leave the oil on the hair and skin overnight for a benefit
Additional. This salt can also be used as a scrub or soak of the hands and feet.
This Epsom salt contains 100 mg of activated CBD.
Ingredients: Pharmacological grade Epsom salt, apricot oil, avocado seed oil, jojoba oil,
argan oil, essential oils, activated hemp oil.
For external use only. This soaking should not be used on open wounds. Be careful

a disease.
OM Wellness is an all-female company based in California, America. Providing only
the highest quality infused products on the market. Founded in 2008, their philosophy is that their products
are only as good as the ingredients used to create them. Treat the body with the wide range of salts
Epsom bath at CBD activated.

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