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Hemp, an ecological fabric resistant to naturally sustainable wear

This long sleeve shirt is 100% Hemp.

  • Thermoregulatory
  • Anti-fungal(Hypoallergenic and antibacterial)
  • Comfortable
  • Sustainable
  • 95% UV resistant

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The structure of hemp fibres gives them thermoregulatory virtues: they insulate you from the cold or evacuate your body heat, depending on the outside temperature.

Hemp is also anti-fungal: fungi and molds will struggle to grow on it. A hemp garment will therefore be less likely to smell bad if it is poorly dried.

Hemp softens with washes, and thanks to their extreme density, the fibres protect against UV and other radiation (computer screen, etc.).

Hemp fabrics are very stable: they deform very little when used, and hardly move when washed. Moreover, hemp maintenance is easy enough for a conventional weaving: a 30-degree machine usually does the trick.

Hemp also absorbs moisture very well and dries relatively quickly. This hydrophilic allows it to keep the dye well. A hemp garment will therefore keep its color for a long time.

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